Against sexualised discrimination and assault

Against sexualised discrimination and assault

For a culture of mutual respect at TU Darmstadt

At TU Darmstadt, discrimination and assault are not tolerated. TU Darmstadt demands and promotes respectful, equal treatment of others by all members and associates of the university as well as by guests and others from outside.

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Everyone bears responsibility!

If you have experienced or observed sexualised discrimination or assault, you are called upon to act. Don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade, support those affected, or demand respect and assistance for yourself. Your own intuitive feeling that something is amiss is a reliable guide. Always inform one of the central or decentral points of contact where you will be given professional, confidential help.

In an emergency, if you are confronted by sexualised discrimination or assault, you may and should ask those present, colleagues or people in positions of authority for help.

If someone is in immediate danger from threats or violence, victims and witnesses should use the emergency number 110 to call the police and inform the TU on the emergency line 06151 16-44444.

In their areas of responsibility, members of TU Darmstadt in training, supervisory and managerial positions bear special responsibility for ensuring that sexualised discrimination and assault do not occur or are stopped, and that victims are helped. TU Darmstadt supports them by offering continuing education and advisory opportunities as well as information and materials.

Sexualised discrimination and assault are against the law and are an infringement of the victim’s personal rights. In December 2015, TU Darmstadt therefore introduced guidelines to counter sexualised discrimination and assault, and nominated central and decentral points of contact.

The purpose of the provisions agreed in the guidelines is to support and protect victims as well as to stop sexualised discrimination and assault, and discipline perpetrators. Moreover, the TU seeks to prevent such actions from occurring in the first place by employing appropriate measures.

The “achtung!” campaign on campus demonstrates what is important to TU Darmstadt: that all TU members should show solidarity and act together to counter sexualised discrimination.

People to contact and basic principles

The responsible points of contact are as follows:

  For students For employees



If you are not sure which point of contact you should approach, you can turn to a whole team by contacting . Staff working in Social Counselling and Conflict Support as well as Complaints Management will offer you professional, confidential and unbureaucratic advice and support.

For employees, the relevant central point of contact for getting advice and initiating assistance is Social Counselling and Conflict Support; students should turn to Complaints Management. Responsibility for all cases of bullying, stalking, threats and violence lies with Social Counselling and Conflict Support.

All counselling interviews with Social Counselling and Conflict Support/Complaints Management are confidential. Counselling is based on the principles of anonymity, voluntary action, confidentiality, (professional) independence and professionality.