How do I send messages to the students of a course?

Important Note

With the messages you reach only the students who have registered for the course.


Step 1:

Select the menu Teaching.

Step 2:

Select on the menu Your courses.


Step 3:

Click on the course.

Step 4:

Click on Messages.

Now you see all messages which have bin received for this course.

Step 5:

Click on New message.

Now you can draft the message.

Step 6:

Select the addressees. If you wish to send a message to all participants in the course you should put a tick in the box Send to all participants. If you wish to send the message to selected persons click on Add/remove addressees. Then select the persons who are to receive the message.

Step 7:

Click on Send.



Irrespective of whether you send the message only to selected participants in the course or to all of them, the recipients do not see which persons receive the message. They see only who has sent the message.