What possibilities do I have to update my courses in TUCaN?

You as teacher correct the texts for your courses.

Please check the texts and dates which the Office of Study Programs and Examinations has inserted for you.

You can also

  • Prepare scripts and exercise material or set links to those pages on which you normally offer teaching material.
  • Send messages to all or selected participants in a course.
  • See who has registered for your course.

In order to carry out one of these actions proceed as follows:


Step 1:

Select the menu Teaching.

Step 2:

Select on the menu Your courses.


Step 3:

Click on the course which you wish to process.

Now a page opens which contains all previously entered information on the course.

Step 4:

Click on…

a) Participants, in order to see who has registered for your course. Behind the notice Current registrations, directly above the button Participants you can see how many students have already registered.

b) Messages, in order to write a message to all or selected participants in the course.

c) Material, in order to see what material you have already placed in the web portal.

d) Add material, in order to make scripts, exercise sheets and the like available, or to offer a link to those pages on which you provide your material.

e) Change, in order to release the information. This is possible immediately or at a certain date.

f) Description of course, in order to change the text which describes your course and shows your literature references.