Corona-Infos for Students

For students: Current information on courses and examinations under corona conditions

The TU Darmstadt is making great efforts to enable you to study despite the pandemic. This requires restrictions and a high degree of flexibility for all those involved, since changing boundary conditions can also quickly change decisions for university system.

In order to make it possible for your studies to run as smoothly as possible under the Corona conditions, we have compiled all the information here and answered the student's questions.

Many thanks to you for your willingness and flexibility to always adapt to new circumstances!

Below are some details on the current situation and planning, but please always check this page (short link:, your TUCaN portal, your TUCaN news, as well as any schedule/room changes for the latest information.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact your Office for Student Affairs or for technical questions please contact .

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The most important points at a glance

Examinations In General

Information and FAQ

The FAQ below contains all the latest relevant information on university system. Also, the more than 400 questions from the online meeting of 02.02.21 have been sorted, summarized and answered.

If you are missing any information or have a further question, please write to us at – thank you!

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