Emergency phone numbers

Central gate/ guard/ Control centre at TU Darmstadt (open 24 hours)


(Fire brigade, paramedics, rescue service)

Gas emergency
(HEAG-Südhessische Energie AG Darmstadt)

Poison emergency
(University Hospital Mainz)

16 44 44



7 01 80 80

06131 – 1 92 40 / – 23 24 66


In the event of acute danger to life and for medical emergencies and telephone reports of fire:

  • call 110 (police) or 112 (fire brigade, paramedics, rescue service).
  • Then call -44 44 (control centre at TU Darmstadt).

The phone numbers 110, 112 and 44 44 can be dialled from any telephone in the TU telephone system without an exchange line.

Availability of the control centre at TU Darmstadt when calling on a mobile phone:

On a University mobile dial: 16-44 44. On a private mobile dial: 06151 / 16-44 44

Every emergency call must include the following points:

Who is reporting the emergency?

What has happened?

Where did the emergency occur?

How many casualties?

Wait for advice!


Threat management

Please notify the threat management team, if persons at TU Darmstadt are the victim of threats, stalking or violence, no matter whether students, employees or other persons are affected. We will then contact those affected.

Technical malfunctions

Here you can report a technical fault to Directorate V, Unit V F – Technical Operations and Emergency Management.

In the event of damage and urgent technical faults outside of office hours, please call the central guard (control centre) at TU Darmstadt on -44 44.