Leit- und Orientierungssysteme

Guidance and orientation system

The guidance and orientation system at TU Darmstadt enables students, employees and visitors to find their way around the University site better.

The guidance and orientation system comprises systematic orientation in 7 levels, starting with the external area and continuing through to the internal areas of the building.


Stadtmitte (S) site

Botanischer Garten (B) site

Lichtwiese (L) site

Hochschulstadion (H) site

Windkanal (W) site

Site sign

Building signs

Building overview

Floor overview

Door sign


Notations for building designations with room number

S1|01 R654

S1|01 654

S1|01 Room 654

We recommend that you use one of these three notations for internal use in order to present a consistent image externally.

You can find an overview of the concept for the guidance and orientation system in the following brochure (in German).

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