Welcome to the Dual Career NetWorkDarmStadt!

A growing number of highly qualified professionals live in dual career partnerships in which both partners pursue their own professional orientation. Accordingly, the attractiveness of a location for living and working will in the future also be measured by the degree to which adequate opportunities for the realization of their respective professional goals are provided.


Promotion of Dual Careers in Darmstadt and Vicinity

City of Science Darmstadt presently forms the center of a prospering region with over 30 internationally renowned research centers and companies which successfully co-operate with each other. On this basis, the Dual Career NetWorkDarmstadt is systematically engaged in promoting the “liveability” of Dual Career partnerships in order to further ensure the region’s attractiveness for highly trained and managerial professionals in the future.

The Dual Career NetWorkDarmstadt was founded in June 2011 for the systematic support of Dual Career couples. By Dual Career couples we mean partnerships in which one person is endowed with a high degree of qualification while his or her partner is strongly career-oriented. Correspondingly, our chief aim is to establish a service network which stands in an advisory capacity at the disposal of the partners of new employees for the realization of their own career plans in Darmstadt and the surrounding area.