Service und Organisation

Our Guiding Principles

In order to organize the support for Dual Career couples as effectively as possible, there are no formalized structures in the Dual Career NetWorkDarmstadt. Co-operation is self-organized and based on the following guidelines:

  • Specific contact persons in the participant companies
  • Systematic support for Dual Career couples
  • Co-operation in networks is based on reciprocity
  • The network members agree to transparent and comprehensible application procedures according to the principle of selecting the best candidates.
  • No guarantee of employment
  • Observance of data protection


  • At the wish of a Dual Career (DC) couple, the professional profile of a partner is forwarded within the network, under strict observance of data protection guidelines, in order to check its relevance to the needs of member companies. A protracted search within the regional employment market by the Dual Career couple is thus rendered unnecessary.
  • The contact persons in the network’s member companies act as “door-openers” and enable a swift and direct processing and monitoring of the application
  • Should a member company show interest, the DC partner can take part in the application process of the respective company, i.e., the decision whether to employ is taken solely according to qualification criteria in competition with other applicants

The entire process takes place in close co-ordination and in constant contact with the Dual Career couple.

Beyond the actual support during the search for employment the contact persons are at the disposal of the network members regarding all questions concerning the regional employment market.