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Become a Member of Dual Career NetWorkDarmStadt!

Paar Schreibtisch

In order to establish Dual Career Service comprehensively in the region, we seek the participation of further public bodies and companies in the network.

Membership is open to all companies and centers in Darmstadt and vicinity. Besides nominating a contact person for the NetWork, this requires compliance with the working guidelines and the signing of the common declaration and its amendment. Membership is free of charge.

Advantages of Membership at a Glance

  • Increases attractiveness as an employer in the region
  • Marketing instrument for acquiring new employees
  • Recruitment of specialist and management personnel
  • Binds employees to the company
  • Access to interesting profiles
  • Strengthens the factor location in Darmstadt
  • Exchange of experience and example of best practice
  • Common public relations

Should you be interested, we would be glad to offer you detailed advice regarding the possibilities of participating in the Dual Career NetWorkDarmstadt!