Referat Willkommen und Wohnen

Welcome and Housing Department

ISS supports international students in their preparation for their stay and with getting oriented after their arrival in Darmstadt by providing information about visas, housing and student financing as well as upcoming dates. Furthermore ISS provides consultation and assistance when problems in these areas arise.

Darmstadt, “City of science”, has already received many refugees and more are coming – including young people, who would like to start or continue their studies at TU Darmstadt. TU Darmstadt offers them access and orientation. In order to make out order out of the various support measures offered, a position has been created to centrally coordinate refugee integration.

Study preparation and support programmes

Housing Assistance for international and exchange students, TU employees

TU Darmstadt offers international students study preparation programmes, such as the PreCIS-programme for Bachelor students, and study support programmes, such as the QuaSI programme for international Masters students. These programmes offer you the best preparation for your studies and support you during your time at the university with a mentoring programme and additional workshops.

Paar Kartons

The Housing Assistance office assists international students,who are newly enrolled at TU Darmstadt, and exchange students, who come from partner universities, in finding accommodation. Looking for accommodation in a new country can be challenging. We help you to get to know the market and offer tips to make your search easier. Employees of the TU Darmstadt can find current offers and all necessary documents from the Hesse Housing Welfare Office via the Housing Assistance office

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Every year the TU Darmstadt welcomes a large number of international scientists who come to the university to research and teach. The Housing Asssitance office helps them find accommodation, including reserving apartments in our guest houses, when available. The guests from all over the world will find a “home away home” in the Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus on Lichtwiese campus and the Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Haus.

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In the landmarked Lichtenberg-Haus, two halls in historical art nouveau ambience can be booked for TU internal as well as for external events, such as seminars and meetings, anniversaries, or wedding or birthday celebrations. Additional information and reservations (available in German only) through the event room management.

TU Darmstadt supports international students (incl. exchange students), international researchers and newly appointed professors in their search for suitable housing in and around Darmstadt. We are constantly looking for housing offers for our international students, researchers and scientists. Click to find further information for landlords.