Members of the Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission of TU Darmstadt is interdisciplinary to match its research profile. To ensure that its work is transparent and accountable to the entire university, it represents all status groups.

Members Representatives
Representing the professors  
Professor Wolfgang Ellermeier (Dept. 3)
Professor Petra Gehring (Dept. 2) – Chair
Professor Martin Knöll (Dept. 15)
Professor Christian Reuter (Dept. 20)
Professor Wilhelm Urban (Dept. 13)

Professor Ulrich Brinkmann (Dept. 2)
Professor Ulrike Nuber (Dept. 10)
Professor Boris Schmidt (Dept. 7)
Representative for legal affairs
Steffen Brubach (Dept. 1)

Gerhard Schmitt (Sec. II)
Representing the research assistants
Dr. Thomas Trebing (Dept. 5)

Dr. Arnulf Kletzin (Dept. 10)
Representing the students
Melanie Albert (Dept. 18)
Nicolas Schickert (Dept. 20)

Sebastian Gombert (Dept. 2)
Maximilian Alexander Stasica (Dept. 3)
Representing the administrative-technical staff
Andreas Swirschuk (Sec. IV)

Barbara Zimmer (Dept. 3)