Writing scientific texts is an integral part of studying as well as working at a university. The combination of the writing process complexity and the specific requirements for scientific texts is very challenging, and writing in a foreign language can be even more demanding!

This workshop will help you write scientific texts with less effort by identifying the guidelines and requirements for scientific writing as well as important steps of the text production. We will also look at tools and tricks for crafting scientific texts more efficiently.

This workshop is for you...

  • if you have to (sooner or later) write a report, an essay, a thesis, a protocol, or another scientific text,
  • especially if you are not supposed to write in your native language.
  • If you have a current writing project, feel free to bring it to the workshop for the exercises.

We will learn

  • the characteristics of a good scientific text,
  • the phases of scientific writing,
  • a few tools and tricks to aid the process of writing.

Workshop held by

Anna Brockhaus

For Participation:

Please inscribe in this moodle course. You will get all informations there.


17. November 2021, 18:00-19:30




SchreibCenter am Sprachenzentrum

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