Digital on-site-visits departments physics and chemistry

Physics and chemistry departments reviewed by external evaluation committees


At the beginning of November, on-site-visits of the physics and chemistry departments took place as part of their institutional evaluation. The evaluation committees with experts in the respective fields are headed by Prof. Wolfgang Ertmer (Physics, Leibniz Universität Hannover) and Prof. Ferdi Schüth (Chemistry, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohleforschung). During two days, each evaluation committee held intensive discussions with various status groups, the departmental offices, the institutes, and internal and external cooperation partners of the respective departments.

For the first time, the assessments were conducted as digital events due to the ongoing corona pandemic. They were preceded by internal self-evaluation of the departments resulting in self-reports, which the committees used to prepare for the on-site visits. The discussions focused on questions from the TU Darmstadt’s Executive Board and the departments regarding the areas of research, study and teaching, promotion of early career researchers, management and administration. Special attention was paid to internationalization and networking of the departments within the university, within the Rhine-Main-Universities alliance, nationally and internationally. The assessment of the departments is the basis for the evaluation report of the committee. Their recommendations for the strategic orientation and profile building in research and teaching play a major role in the agreements on objectives between the Executive Board and the evaluated units.