Agreement on objectives of the Department of Chemistry signed in July 2021

Institutional evaluation successfully completed


With the signing of the agreement on objectives, the Institutional Evaluation of the Department of Chemistry was completed in July 2021. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the on-site visit planned for June 2020 was postponed to November 2020 and conducted as a digital event. The evaluation committee assessed the department on the basis of the department’s self-report and the discussions during the on-site-visit.

Following the site-visit of the Department of Chemistry in November 2020, the Department and the president negotiated the objectives for the next four years and signed the agreement on objectives in July 2021. The reviewers’ evaluation report served as a central basis for these negotiations. The university’s steering bodies, the University Council and the Senate, have taken a positive position on the agreement in June and July 2021. The finalized document is published internally within the university (German version only). The department and the Executive Board will regularly discuss the status of implementation.