Overview of updates until 11.02.2021


Update 11.02.2021

  • Page for students: Redesign of the page and integration of the questions and answers from the online meeting of 02.02.2021 (in German, the English version will follow soon)

Update 09.02.2021

  • During the written examination, a short removal of the mask for drinking and for the identity control is allowed.

Update 08.02.2021

  • Open-Book-Exam: Notice of consequence if declatarion is missing (in German)

Update 05.02.2021

  • Open-Book-Exam: details for the declaration added (last paragraph) – in German
  • Viewing of examination scripts: Updates within the text

Update 02.02.2021

  • Publication of information regarding the changing the form of examination on an extra page; link on the pages for students and lecturers
  • Update of access plans: S1|02 and S1|03

Update 01.02.2021

  • Lecturers: Text proposal for declaration at open-book-exams

Update 29.01.2021

  • Update on access plans: modified entrance plan for Darmstadtium.
  • Lecturers: Specified deadline suspension for oral exams “until 31.03.2021” (previously not explicitly named). A duplication at oral exam was removed


Update 28.01.2021

  • Deadline to submit medical certificate changed to the examinations of WiSe 202/21 (previously: “until 31.03.2021”)
  • Masks are mandatory on the entire campus on only in the buildings
  • Students: Announcement of digital meeting with the Vice President (German page)
  • Lecturers: Also for excursions permission is now required

Update 27.01.2021

  • Corrections in the text to the mask obligation (many thanks for the hints!)

Update 25.01.2021

  • Medical masks compulsory as of 25.01.2021 on the entire campus and during examinations (students and teachers)
  • New regulation for changing the form of examination (only in German)

Update 08.01.2021

  • Update on exams in WiSe 2020/21: they will take place.
  • For lecturers: Text adjustments; Special regulation for alternative forms of examination in WiSe 2020/21
  • For students: Text adjustments

Update 23.12.2020

  • Update Examination review regulations, valid until 31.03.2021

Update 08.12.2020

  • Form for students for the notification of a positive Covid-19 test added
  • Process of registration of the attendees of in-person courses on site for lecturers added

Update: 17.11.2020

  • In-person viewings: large groups:
  • Period for exclusively digital execution extended until 31.12.2020
  • Rules for oral examinations updated (no physical attendance possible)

Update: 16.11.2020

  • Instructions for travel returners deleted.
  • Please note the currently valid regulations in Germany regarding travel return.

Update: 12.11.2020

  • Notes on viewing of exams updated (not in-person)

Update: 19.10.2020

  • Reference to the obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover on the university campus

Update: 21.09.2020

  • Cancellation of third examination attempts for exams of the SoSe 2020 an WiSe 2020/21

Update: 11.09.2020

  • Teachers: Change in cleaning slots and storage of exams only 24 h instead of 48 h

Update: 20.08.2020

  • Access plan for Darmstadium added

Update: 14.08.2020

  • Behaviour on return from trips – letter of president of TU Darmstadt added

Update: 04.08.2020

  • Access plan and hygiene instructions for Otto-Berndt-Halle added
  • Supplemental introductory sentence by examination review

Update: 13.07.2020

  • Lecturers: conducting examinations – collecting exams afterwards

Update: 09.07.2020

  • Students: Examination documents, link to viewing of exams, extension of the regulation concerning the certificate of illness
  • Lecturers: oral exams

Update: 19.06.2020

  • Students and Lecturers: Examination review regulations

Update: 15.06.2020

  • Lecturers: Hygiene materials for supervisory staff updated (pdf)

Update 09.06.2020

  • Access plan for S1|02 added

Update: 27 May 2020

  • Access plan for L3|01 added
  • Lecturers: Process for in-person courses added

Update: 26 May 2020

  • Lecturers: Information on oral examinations added (according to TUCaN message from 25.05.20)
  • Lecturers: Listing of TUCaN messages in the marginal column