Medical masks compulsory

As of Monday, January 25, 2021, an extended mask obligation applies at TU Darmstadt. All members of the TU Darmstadt (students and employees) are obliged to wear a suitable mask (medical OP or FFP2 mask) while on campus. Simple mouth-nose coverings (cloth masks) are not sufficient!

This mask obligation applies to the whole TU-Campus including the examination rooms. You can only take part in the examination if you wear a suitable mask (surgical or FFP2 mask).

To protect yourself, the other students and the supervisors, you have to wear a mask even if you have a medical exemption from the mask requirement. In this case, you can withdraw from the examination.

In case of refusal to wear a mask, the supervisor is entitled to expel you from the examination room and to record the event in the examination protocol. The refusal to wear a mask is to be regarded as a case of §§ 38 III, 38 IV APB.

The regulation that you can withdraw from the exam up to the beginning of the exam by sending an informal e-mail to your office for student affairs still applies.