Examination Procedure

  • Come in time for the exam start. You can see the dates in TUCaN at your exams or in the timetable. The room allocation takes place shortly before the exam and is published in TUCaN or e.g. in Moodle or on the websites of your department. If you have any questions about this, please contact your office for student affairs or your department.
  • There is a general obligation to wear a mask in the buildings and also during written and oral examinations.
    If health reasons are given against wearing the mask during examinations, the following options generally exist:
    • Withdrawal from the examination
    • Changing the examination form (open-book or distance examination)
    • Taking the examination at the same time in a separate room with a separate hygiene concept.
    • The change of the examination form and the simultaneous execution of the examination are subject to practical feasibility and must be applied for by the examinees to the examiners in good time.
  • Please keep your distance when entering and leaving the buildings and the examination rooms.
  • Please pay attention to the organization of the seats given by the examiners. The red dots from the SoSe 2021 do not have to be used anymore.
  • Identity verification and attendance verification will be done by the supervisors. Please briefly remove your mouth-to-nose covering when verifying your identity.