Examination Procedure

Your offices for student affairs and the central administration are in the process of arranging the preparation in such a way that the recommended hygiene standards are adhered to both for you and for the supervisory staff, thus minimizing the risk of infection for everyone involved.

To realize this very elaborate planning, your cooperation is very important!

  1. Come in time for the start of the exam. The dates and rooms can be found in TUCaN at your exams. If you have any questions, please contact your office for student affairs or your research institute..

  2. As of 25.01.2021 an extended mask obligation applies at TU Darmstadt. Accordingly, all TU members (students and employees) are required to wear a medical mask (“surgical mask”) on the so-called general traffic areas within the university buildings. The mask must also to be worn in all lecture and examination rooms.
    Remember that a face mask is also mandatory when using public transportation.

  3. Please observe the minimum distance when entering and leaving the buildings and the examination rooms.

  4. Enter the examination rooms individually and quickly and sit down directly at the marked places . The examination rooms are planned in such a way that a minimum distance of 1.50 is ensured.

  5. All buildings have a fixed route and only one marked entrance and one exit. The route guidance that is marked in the building has to be followed. For the large buildings with several entrances only fixed doors will be open that will be are marked. The access plans for this will can be downloaded for Campus Lichtwiese and Campus City Centre on the bottom of this page.

    Please note the special rules for examinations in the Darmstadtium: Also in the Darmstadtium a medical mask is obligatory (see also the complementary infos: access plan inside Darmstadtium and the Darmstadtium hygiene concept)

  6. Identity verification and attendance checks are carried out by the supervisors at your examination desks. To verify your identity, place your student ID card as well as your identity card in the free space to the right of you. If there is no place to your right, please place it on the left. The supervisory staff will use the free rows between you to perform the check. Please remove your mouth and nose cover briefly for the verification of your identity.

  7. The examination tasks can be found on the desks, please follow the instructions of the supervising person on the procedure (start, end).

    To avoid disturbances and due to the special situation, individual questions by individual examinees about the tasks are only possible in writing. For this purpose, we ask you to write your question on a piece of paper and to place it on the empty space next to you. You can draw the attention of the supervisors by hand signals. If the question concerns only you, it will be answered on a piece of paper. If it concerns all examinees, it will be answered aloud.

  8. At the end of your exam, please leave your exam papers on the tables. The supervisors will collect them afterwards.

  9. The entrances to the examination rooms are marked in such a way that encounters at the entrance and exit can be largely avoided. The toilets are also marked accordingly. Please support the measures with your behaviour and pay attention to keep the necessary distances.

  10. The examination rooms are ventilated and cleanded between the exams.

  11. After leaving the examination rooms, please proceed quickly and individually to the building exits and avoid crowds.

  12. Viewing of Exams

We wish you good luck with your exams! Stay healthy!