How do international students obtain a proof of vaccination that is accepted in Germany?

If you have a vaccination certificate from abroad and have been immunized with a vaccine approved in the EU, you can have a valid vaccination certificate issued at a pharmacy in Germany with your vaccination certificate.

The list of approved vaccines can be found on the list of the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

In Darmstadt, the following pharmacies near campus, among others, issue this proof of vaccination:

  • Einhorn Pharmacy, Ludwigsplatz 1
  • Stern pharmacy, Frankfurter Str. 19
  • Engel pharmacy, Rheinstr. 7-9
  • Pharmacy at the hospital, Grafenstr. 13

Generally, this is possible at any pharmacy.

If you have been immunized abroad with a vaccine that is not licensed in the EU, we recommend that you seek advice on a Covid 19 vaccination from a doctor in Germany.

If you have not yet received a vaccination, we advise you to get immunized as soon as possible with an approved vaccine in Germany, in accordance with the recommendations of the Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO).