Registration / enrolment as PhD candidate with foreign university entrance qualification or foreign master

The process below is only valid until 29.08.2021
The process valid from 30.08.2021 can be found here.

Registration is mandatory for PhD candidates at the TU Darmstadt; whereas enrolment as PhD student is voluntary. Both options are available all year round without deadlines.

1. Confirmation of the PhD supervisor

In order to register or apply for enrolment online, you first need a written statement from your PhD supervisor at TU Darmstadt confirming supervision of your PhD research work.

2. Registration or application for enrolment via the online-portal „MoveIn“

Please use the “MoveIn” portal for your online registration/application. Don't be confused by the term “application / online application”; due to technical reasons, this is also used for the registration without enrolment.

At the end, the system generates an application.

3. Submission of documents to Dezernat Internationales

Please submit the following documents to Dezernat Internationales – International Admission:

  • the application form from MoveIn with your signature
  • the written confirmation from your PhD supervisor (depending on the department, this may be part of the form for application for PhD acceptance)
  • certificates entitling the holder to PhD studies: Bachelor's/Master's degrees with Transcript of Records as officially certified copies and translations

Dezernat Internationales – International Admission checks the degrees for equivalence and will then send a corresponding message to the department.

Once your application documents have been received, you may be issued a conditional admission letter as a PhD student without a formal degree. This admission does not mean that you are accepted by the PhD committee. This decision is solely up to the relevant PhD committee of your department.

3a. Only if you want to enrol as phd student

Please visit International Admission in person during visiting hours to present the originals, your passport and to provide other necessary data. If you wish to enrol as a PhD student without a formal degree, additional documents must be submitted (e.g. current health insurance certificate and a de-registration certificate if you have been enroled at a German university previously).

3b. Only if you wish to register without enrolment as phd student

Please fill in the registration form (Excel-table)

4. Submission of documents to the Departmental Office

Then please submit the following documents to the Departmental Office:

  • written confirmation of supervision from your PhD supervisor (depending on the department, this may be part of the application for PhD acceptance form)
  • admission letter as PhD student without a formal degree
  • application for acceptance for the doctorate of the faculty
  • if necessary, further documents according to the requirements of the department
  • only if no enrolment is required (only registration): registration form (excel) with your data

The department will inform you of the decision of the PhD Committee.

Once you are enroled as a PhD student, you will receive your documents (student ID, TU-ID, semester ticket) by letter post after your personal enrolment at International Admission.