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Directorate VII D Human Resources and Organisational Development

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We are also here for you in person: For specific questions, please get in touch with the responsible contact person directly; for general enquiries for the POE unit, please contact the representative office. Learn more about our agile and collegial way of working .

  Name Working area(s) Contact
Frederike SeibConsultant POE, Development Programmes, Leadership Development
+49 6151 16-26233
S1|03 251
Christoph GöbelConsultant POE, Consulting and Accompaniment of Change Processes, Development Fields of the Administration
+49 6151 16-26497
S1|03 251
Stephanie Beez Consultant POE, Coaching, Dual Career, Internal Hospitation, Toolbox for Leadership Conversations
+49 6151 16-26048
S1|03 250
Jacqueline HübnerCoordinator Continuing Education, Central Continuing Education Hesse
+49 6151 16-26182
S1|03 250
Dr. Katrin LehnRepresentative for Human Resources and Organisational Development, Consultant POE, New Work
+49 6151 16-26498
S1|03 252
Mareike Leypold
+49 6151 16-26363
S1|03 252
Sabine Paulig-Schmalz Assistance, Event Management, Room Allocation
+49 6151 16-26188
S1/03 253

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