Tasks and objectives of the Staff Unit

Good, up-to-date and digitalised administrative processes and services, using modern, beneficial IT solutions and satisfied users at the University Administration and the university, these are the objectives of the Staff Unit for IT & Process Management.

The objective of developing digitalised administrative processes is very complex and requires not only modern, sustainable IT tools, but also to the same extent the willingness of the organisation to jointly work out and implement the necessary changes. To achieve this top-level objective step by step, IT & Process Management is active in the following fields:

Picture: Talita Schlichting

Strategic topics

The Staff Unit supports the Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs by preparing strategically relevant IT topics such as process management, digitalisation and transformation, innovation and/or IT governance.

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The Staff Unit collaborates closely with the HRZ units, the working groups and other partners. The focus is on a demand-based handling of requirements, support requests and projects, including their reliable and on-time delivery to the satisfaction of the users.

Picture: Talita Schlichting

Working groups and administrative bodies

The Staff Unit participates in various working groups and administrative bodies and initiates collaboration.

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Administrative processes

The Staff Unit promotes the advancement of standard administrative processes that typically concern several directorates or directorates and departments or central services while focussing on optimising or restructuring processes compliant with a modern, digitalised administration.

Picture: Talita Schlichting

Requirement management

The Staff Unit handles the IT requirement management of the University Administration which means that the requirements can be looked at comprehensively and the processes can be optimised continuously.

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