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Key User
SAP coordination of TU Darmstadt Dorothee Krohberger-Stock
Representation: Silke Kubelka
Contact: IT & Process Management
SAP Technology, IdM, Solution Manager, Portal Silke Kubelka
Dr. Marina Nazarenko
Döndü Ziegler-Demirtas
Jan Petri
Contact: SAP applications
Data Warehouse Dr. Markus Müller
M.A. Christina Wagner
Dr. Birgitta Zielbauer
Dr. Anke Watenphul
Contact: Referat IC
Controlling / Bank statement Petra Knop
Agnes Brück
Lisa Heß
Contact: Dezernat III
Facility Management / Project System Emel Simsek
Anja Haul
Contact: Dezernat V
Financial accounting / Asset accounting Claudia-Maria Schmoll
Cecilia Herdt
Contact: Dezernat III
Budget management Ingo Holm
Sabine Dörr
Contact: Dezernat VI
Materials management / electronic ordering system Sylvia Polly
Sabine Zöller
Conntact: Dezernat III
Personnel management and accounting Ulla Krapp
Kerstin Schäfer
Sonja Egner
Contact: Dezernat VII, Dezernat III
Audit Management Saskia Beyer
Contact: Stab Innenrevsision