Wohnungssuche in Darmstadt und Umgebung

Looking for accommodation in or near Darmstadt

Potential renters can find important information about what we offer!

Who can enlist our services?

We can help you to find accommodation if you are:

  • a newly-appointed professor at TU Darmstadt
  • a visiting international scientist at TU Darmstadt
  • an incoming international degree-seeking student at TU Darmstadt

We provide support for your start at the TU Darmstadt:

  • We advise and help you when you are looking for suitable accommodation or property.
  • We will search for the kind of accommodation you are looking for on the private housing market.
  • We receive offers from landlords and property owners with whom we have cultivated good contacts, from reliable real estate agents, and through Internet searches.
  • Our service is free of charge.

It is our aim to provide you with appropriate accommodation offers; however, we cannot guarantee success.

Only 3 steps to your new apartment or property!

Step 1

  • We request that you first fill in the online questionnaire for renters/buyers.
  • This is best done as soon as you know when you will be arriving at the TU Darmstadt.
  • Please note that all boxes marked with an asterisk need to be filled in.
  • You will make it easier for us to locate the accommodation you desire if you respond in detail to the final point on the questionnaire: Other helpful information about desired flat.

Step 2

  • You will receive three offers for accommodation from us. If these offers do not completely match your wishes, this means that we could not find more suitable offers.
  • Please decide if you can accept one of these offers. Please also keep in mind that accommodation in Darmstadt is very limited and that rental prices in and near Darmstadt are comparatively high.
  • Important reminder: The TU Darmstadt acts as intermediary. It cannot guarantee that a rental contract will be concluded and cannot accept any liability.

Step 3

  • Once you have decided on an offer, please get in touch with the landlord/agent/owner.
  • The rental agreement is a direct contract between you and the landlord.
  • If you are a guest from abroad, we can help you to get in touch with the landlord.
  • Institutes of TU Darmstadt can query us about available accommodation, but they have to get in touch with landlords themselves.
  • If a real estate agent provides the offer, any fees due for this service have to be paid by the renter/buyer directly to the agent.

Please let us know when you have found accommodation.

Questionnaire for renters / buyers

What is the average rental price for an apartment or house in Darmstadt?

Even though we ask you to tell us about the kind of accommodation you are looking for, we may not be able find accommodations that exactly match your expectations. Compared to the national average, renting and buying property in Darmstadt is relatively expensive. Prices vary according to location and fixtures/furnishings.

Examples for apartments with 1 or 2 rooms


Helle 1-Zi.-Whg., ca. 25 m², Kochnische und Duschbad, 1. OG, frei ab 1.2., an Stud., NR, 310.-€ + NK + 3 MM KT, Tel.

Darmstadt TU-Nähe
1,5 Zi. Wohnung, 40 m², EBK, Balkon, Kellerr., Fuß.-Hz., Miete 460.-€ + 120,-€ NK + KT v. Priv. Tel.

Darmstadt Paulus-Viertel
2 Zi. Wohnung, 65 m², Blk., 700,-€ + NK + EBK 50,-€, Tel.

Außerhalb Darmstadts
(ca. 20 Minuten mit Bus/ Bahn zum Zentrum)

1 ZKB, 25 m², EG, in 6-FH, Abstellmögl., frei ab sofort, EBK, 205.-€ + 80.-€ NK + 2 MM KT, Tel.

Helle 1,5 ZKBB, Wannenbad, EBK, Balkon, u.v.m., sofort frei, KM: 280,-€ + 70,-€ NK. Tel

Mühltal Nieder-Ramstadt
2 ZKB, 67 m², 420,- €, zzgl. 145,-€ NK u. Kaution, Tel.

Here is information on rental prices for apartments and houses in the most popular residential areas in Darmstadt:

Please note that this information is only available in German.

A guide to the housing market in Darmstadt provided by Capital

Rental price index for Darmstadt: www.darmstadt.de

Darmstadt’s fair market rent index and price trends for monthly rents at: immowelt.de

What happens next? Information for international visitors looking for accommodation

If you have signed a rental contract, please note:

  • The rent is paid directly to the landlord.
  • The rent is due at the beginning of each month.
  • Quite often, you have to pay a deposit (usually 2-3 monthly rental payments) before you move in. This deposit, plus accrued interest, will be returned to you if the apartment is in good condition when you move out.
  • Usually the rent has to be paid for a whole month. This means that even if you move in on the 15th, you have to pay the entire month’s rent.

Registering with the local authorities (Einwohnermeldeamt)

After you arrive in Germany, you have a maximum of one week to register at the local registration office and inform them of your new, current address. Registration is free of charge, but you may be fined if you do not observe the deadline.

You can access the registration form (as a PDF) on the office’s (Einwohnermeldeamt) homepage or pick it up in person. In addition to this form, you will need your passport and your rental contract (if applicable).

If you live in Darmstadt, please contact the registrar's office. This information is only available in German for now.

If you live outside of Darmstadt, you have to register with the local office for community affairs (Stadtverwaltung/ Gemeindeverwaltung)

When you leave Germany, you have to notify the same authorities about your departure..

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