Tips and Links…etc.

You can find general information about living in Germany (rental contracts, rental offers, etc.) in the advice pages by Research in Germany, especially within these FAQs.

You can access the following websites in order to conduct your own accommodation search:

TU Darmstadt can book a hotel room for guests at special rates at the following hotels:

  • Welcome Hotel
  • Maritim Hotel
  • InterCity Hotel

Please contact Housing Service in case of interest.

  • Please note that offers made by real estate agents on the Internet may also require payment of an agent’s fee/commission (usually 2-3 months basic rental fee).
  • When renting accommodation in Germany, you will normally be expected to pay a deposit of approx. 2 months basic rent up front, when you sign the rental contract. The deposit will be repaid in full when you move out, if no damage has been done during your occupancy. Any damages will be deducted from the deposit.

A relevant link for the City of Darmstadt can be found here

You are required to register your new residence with the local authorities in the city or town in which you live within one week. Contact the local town hall for more information.

Information about registering in Darmstadt is available (in German only) from the following website: Residents' Registration Office Darmstadt (Abteilung Anmeldug/Ummeldung des Wohnsitzes)

General information about staying in Germany can be found here

A list of the abbreviations commonly used in rental advertisements is translated here.

TU Darmstadt neither endorses nor maintains these linked sites and thus is not responsible for their availability, quality or content.