Quality Management Advisory Board

The Quality Management Advisory Board (inQM Advisory Board) accompanies the further development of the integrated quality management and advises the Presidential Board on quality management issues.

In December 2012, the inQM Advisory Board was established on the basis of the principles for integrated quality management at Darmstadt Technical University.The inQM Advisory Board is a TU-internal body consisting of eight members who are representing all status groups. Its members contribute their expertise and perspectives to the board and carry the information from their advisory board activities into the university. They shall be appointed on a proposal from the President. Their mandate last two years, that of the student member one year. As a rule, the Advisory Board meets once a semester under the chairmanship of TU Darmstadt’s President.

The inQM Advisory Board has focused on the following topics so far:

  • TU Darmstadt’s system accreditation
  • Institutional evaluation of central administration and monitoring of the agreement’s implementation
  • Further development of the institutional evaluation
  • Potentials of course evaluation