Governing Bodies of TU Darmstadt

Governing Bodies of TU Darmstadt

Governing Bodies

  • University Council
  • Senate
  • University Assembly

Advisory Boards and Working Groups

  • Advisory Board on Gender Equality in Research
  • Academic Council
  • Advisory Board on Quality Management
  • Ethics Commission
  • Advisory Board on the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

Governing Bodies of TU Darmstadt

University Council

According to article 6 of the law governing TU Darmstadt, the University Council has the right of initiative on fundamental issues, in particular of university development, and is also a control body. The University Council consists of 10 external members who are appointed by the State Government of Hesse; TU Darmstadt has the right to nominate half of the members.


The Senate of Technische Universität Darmstadt advises the Presidium on matters relating to structure, development and construction planning, budgeting, research, teaching, and studies. It monitors the management practice of the Presidium.

According to the statutes of TU Darmstadt, the Senate consists of 20 members as well as the President as its chairperson. Other permanent, non-voting members of the Senate are the Deans of the departments as well as the members of the Presidium, the Representative for Gender Equality, the Presidents of the General Student Council and Staff Council, the Representative of the Severely Disabled and two representatives of the Conference of Departments.

University Assembly

The University Assembly of TU Darmstadt deals with issues of fundamental importance to the university. This includes issuing statements, in particular on essential matters relating to university development, teaching and studies, and junior researchers. The University Assembly has 61 voting members: 31 professors, 15 students, 10 academic staff as well as 5 administrative/technical staff.

Advisory Boards and Working Groups at TU Darmstadt

Advisory Board on Gender Equality in Research

The task of the Advisory Board is to advise the Presidium on implementing gender equality in research, to evaluate existing programmes and processes, and to issue recommendations.

The Advisory Board is composed of three internal and three external members. They represent experts from the subject clusters of Engineering, the Natural Sciences and the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Academic Council

The Academic Council of TU Darmstadt advises the Presidium on strategic and structural issues of university development and policy. It issues recommendations on the fundamental positioning of the university, makes statements on vital strategic matters and helps to continue developing TU Darmstadt’s research profile.

The Council comprises eminent scientists from the entire university.

Advisory Board on Quality Management

The Advisory Board on Quality Management advises the Presidium on developing integrated quality management at TU Darmstadt with regard to research, junior researchers, studies, teaching and administration. It is serviced by the Office for Quality Management.

The Advisory Board for Quality Management includes university representatives who also disseminate work outcomes throughout the university.

Ethics Commission

The task of the Ethics Commission is to examine and assess the ethical acceptability of research proposals, in particular research on humans, samples taken from humans, or research involving personal information on test persons.

Advisory Board on the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

The task of this advisory board is to assess – in case of doubt and on the basis of the guidelines governing the acceptance of third-party funding – whether TU Darmstadt may accept scholarship funds in the context of the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) Programme.