Saving energy


In light of the climate and energy crisis, it is our goal as a university to contribute to saving energy on a large scale as quickly as possible. To reduce our energy consumption consistently, TU Darmstadt has set a clear goal that we want to achieve: In the upcoming seven months, from October 2022 until the end of April 2023, we aim to save 1,500 MWh electrical energy and 7,500 MWh heating energy. This is equivalent to about 5% of the electricity consumption and 15% of the heating consumption of TU Darmstadt.

The “Let us save energy together” campaign

The Sustainable Development Office intends to provide all members of TU Darmstadt with vital information concerning energy at our University in addition to useful tips on saving energy on a monthly basis. Furthermore, there will be various events, platforms and activities providing opportunities for discourse and sharing information.

Apart from structural and technical measures in addition to central decisions by the Executive Board regarding the energy crisis, all of us can contribute to achieve our energy-saving goal by using energy more conscientiously. Each kilowatt hour that we save, we do not have to optimise!

Join in. We can do it.

Keeping our goal in mind

It may be easier to change our behaviour if we can actually see the difference it makes. That is why we showed the amount of energy TU Darmstadt receives from its energy provider while also indicating our energy-saving goal in these diagrams. Each month, these diagrams will be updated to show how far we will have come and if we will have to do more to achieve our goal. The regular updates regarding our energy consumption can be seen on our dedicated “Energy & Resources” webpage.

Facts regarding the energy supply of TU Darmstadt

Where does the energy at TU Darmstadt come from and how much energy do we consume? How high are the costs that TU Darmstadt incurs?

Questions and answers can be found here.

What motivates us to save energy?

Workshop about environmental psychology on 10 November 2022

You want to learn more about the psychological factors influencing our energy-saving behaviour? Then this digital workshop about “environmental psychology” is just the thing for you! Here we will learn what may hinder us and what may motivate us to save energy.

Concrete information about the workshop are available on this webpage uand general information about events can be found on the events webpage of the Sustainable Development Office.

Kick-off of the GetTUgether benches

This campaign has already started! During the kick-off of the GetTUgether benches that are intended to encourage discourse, the Sustainable Development Office has talked to students, employees and staff about everyday habits that we would like to change to save energy. Many ideas have been collected, such as using vegetable rinsing water for watering plants, wearing caps indoors and switching off WIFI overnight. By tossing tin cans, players could symbolically throw out old habits to make room for new ones. The winners got small thermometers to help us check if we heat our rooms too much. Simply by setting the room temperature 2°C lower than in the past, we can save around 12% energy.

More information on this topic?

In the Sustainable Development Compass,Nachhaltigkeits-Kompass , the dynamic sustainability report of TU Darmstadt, you can find many other exciting projects and activities at the University.

This fits well into the “Operations” field of activity: The management of resources and greenhouse gas emissions sections.