Current Projects

TU Darmstadt increases further efficiency of institutional evaluation

HMWK supports the project Efficiency Enhancement of Institutional Evaluation, especially in the field of studying and teaching, as part of the Study Structure Program (SSP).
(Duration: 01.01.2019-31.12.2020)

The aim of the project is to analyze and optimize TU Darmstadt’s Institutional Evaluation – including the quality assurance of degree programmes – with regard to the workload for the participating actors and the efficiency of processes.

A process management software with a high potential for professionalisation is used in this process to enable an more efficient collaboration of the involved parties.

The project is in charge advance by Directorate Strategic Development (Directorate I), Unit Quality Management and Administrative Bodies (project management ) and Directorate Study and Teaching, University Law (Directorate II), Unit Study Programs and Quality Assurance. However, the responsible units integrate for specific topics also representatives of departments, central services and central administration.


Finished projects

Preparation and execution of system accreditation at TU Darmstadt

Surveys – Potential for Quality Assurance