Our services are aimed at all employees, superiors and executive staff at TU Darmstadt, as well as all departments, teams and research/working groups:

  • Individual counselling on professional and personal matters
  • Support with psychological disorders
  • Counseling and intervention in cases of intimidation or stalking
  • Counseling and support with career changes
  • Coaching of executive staff
  • Conflict mangement and mediation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Addiction counseling and prevention
  • Supervision of team processes
  • Support with returning to work after a long period of illness
  • Referrals to psychotherapists, physicians, self-help groups, clinics and other specialist units

We also provide counseling in English.


  • Using and developing individual resources
  • Experienced, independent support to cope with crises and emergencies
  • Strengthening your coping strategies and managing conflicts based on fairness within the context of work
  • Encouraging teamwork and communication
  • Strengthening professional and person-oriented leadership
  • Increasing job satisfaction
  • Improving work relationships and working environments