Landlords wanted
Offer your accommodation to international researchers, scholoars or students through us!

TU Darmstadt would like to make the move to Darmstadt easier for all international researchers and for all international students. To do this, we offer our assistance to these new arrivals when they are searching for accommodation.

Offer your accommodation

Numerous international academics teach and conduct research at the TU Darmstadt. About 15% of our students come to Darmstadt as international students or exchange students from all over the world. Due to a lack of knowledge of the local housing market, it is particularly challenging for these groups to find suitable accommodation on the private market.

We support them by providing suitable offers. To do this, we are dependent on your support.

What type of accommodation is of interest?

The type of accommodation being sought and the duration of the stay vary greatly. From a furnished room for a few weeks or an apartment for one year to an apartment for a family with children for several years, we are looking for everything.

Many of our customers are looking for a furnished accommodation, but unfurnished accommodations are also sought. Nearly everyone wants a kitchen to be available in the accommodation they seek.

There is an easy way to send us your offer:

The best way is online using the questionnaire for landlords (in German only). Of course you can also call us or write us an e-mail or a letter. You can also express your wishes regarding duration, etc. We will then send your offer to those international housing seekers in our database whose search criteria match your offer and put them in touch with you. We will provide you weekly information about whether your offer has been forwarded. The interested housing seekers will contact you directly. If an agreement is reached, you conclude the lease directly with your new tenants. We are happy to assist you if you encounter language barriers.

In summary, this means:

- Tell us about the accommodations you have offer, if possible online.

- We will send your offer to international TU Darmstadt housing seekers..

- The housing seekers contact you directly.

- We mediate between landlords and those looking for accommodation.

- You conclude rental contract directly with the tenants.

- The TU Darmstadt assumes no liability and cannot guarantee a successful mediation.

- If you have found a tenant, please inform us as soon as possible.

Thank you very much! We appreciate your accommodation offers for our international researchers and students.