University Administration

University Administration

Directorate I – Strategic Development

This directorate's portfolio includes university strategy, quality management and the organisation of boards.

Directorate II – Studies and Teaching

Responsible for all matters relating to current and prospective students, campus management including TUCaN, the development and quality assurance of courses offered, as well as university and higher education legislation

Directorate III – Finance & Economic Affairs

Responsible for the central management of all finances for TU Darmstadt.

Directorate IV – Real Estate

Responsible for floor-space management, contractual matters relating to property, letting and leasing, control systems, occupational and environmental safety, infrastructural building management and radiation protection.

Directorate V – Building Management & Technical Operations

Responsible for the overall planning and execution of building maintenance, renovation and new-build projects, technical operation and energy management at the university, as well as for barrier-free construction and mobility management.

Directorate VI – Research Services & Technology Transfer

Responsible for research matters as well as knowledge and technology transfer at TU Darmstadt.

Directorate VII – Human Resources & Legal Affairs

Responsible for the management of personnel matters for all employees at TU Darmstadt, human resources development and general legal affairs at TU Darmstadt.

Directorate VIII – International Affairs

Responsible for all international matters: International university and exchange partnerships, international students and visiting academics/researchers.

(Vice) President`s staff units

(Vice) President`s staff units are assigned directly to a member of the Presidium. These include the internal audit department, IT and process coordination, the family, social and conflict advisory service, as well as communications and media.

Gender equality officer

The gender equality officer at TU Darmstadt is the contact and advocate for female students, female academic and administrative/technical employees and female professors.