Prof. Sorin Huss Fund for students with children

Prof. Sorin Huss Fund

The Prof. Sorin Huss Fund supports students and doctoral candidates of TU Darmstadt in the financing of child care cost. The funding shall contribute to easing the burden of parents who are studying or graduating, particularly in financially critical situations.

  • single parents
  • students with more than one child
  • international students
  • students and doctoral candidates in the final phase of their studies

You are enrolled as a student at TU Darmstadt.

You are doctoral candidate at TU Darmstadt and your application for the doctorate was accepted by the doctorate committee.

Your child or your children visit a day care centre or are looked after by a childminder.

You have been to the social counseling (Sozialberatung) of Studierendenwerk or of TU Darmstadt an found out about financial support possibilities.

You have checked if you are applicable for receiving financial support for child care costs (Betreuungszuschuss) of the welfare office (Jugendamt) of your district.

Funding by the Prof. Sorin Huss Fund is normally granted for 12 months, follow-up applications are possible, especially if a new study/qualification phase has begun. The grant in one funding period may not exceed 1.800,- Euros.

Applications for Prof. Sorin Huss Fund can be submitted twice a year, for winter or summer semester.

Applications for summer term 2023 can be handed in to Servicestelle Familie at TU Darmstadt, Hochschulstr. 1, 64289 Darmstadt until 01 March 2023.

You will find the application form here: Application Form Prof. Sorin Huss Fund (opens in new tab)

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English Application Form

You will find our English Application Form here: Application Form Prof.-Sorin-Huss-Fund (opens in new tab)