Welcome to the Family Service at theTU Darmstadt

About the Family Service

The TU Darmstadt has made a name for itself as a family-friendly university and offers a variety of measures to arrange family responsibilities with work and studies. The Family Service develops and manages the measures for a family-friendly university and supports employees and students in organizing their family obligations with their academic and professional careers and in coping with their studies.


Picture: Yasemin Sevincli


The TU Darmstadt has implemented several modules for a comprehensive range of childcare options that meet the different needs of students and employees in their everyday university life.


Prof. Sorin Huss Fonds

The Prof. Sorin Huss Fund supports students and doctoral candidates of TU Darmstadt in the financing of child care cost. The funding shall contribute to easing the burden of parents who are studying or graduating, particularly in financially critical situations.


Career and Care

In the event of a need for care, relatives will be faced by new and mostly unforseeable challenges. TU Darmstadt wants to support its employees in this specific situation