The Ethics Commission at TU Darmstadt

The Ethics Commission at TU Darmstadt examines research proposals to determine whether they are acceptable on ethical grounds. Another task is to check whether research proposals are compliant with the university's Zivilklausel (Civil Clause).

The process is initiated by university researchers who submit an application and mainly applies to tests on humans or on samples taken from humans and to research involving personal data.

In addition, the Ethics Commission is tasked with ensuring that any assessments of acceptability it receives are compliant with TU Darmstadt’s Zivilklausel (Civil Clause) which states that its employees agree not to pursue research for military purposes.

The members of the Ethics Commission are appointed by the Senate and comprise representatives of all status groups. The duties and composition of the Ethics Commission are defined in the Statutes.

Meeting dates of the Ethics Commission in 2022
Meeting Submission of ethics applications to by
January 28th 2022 January 19th 2022
March 14th 2022 March 6th 2022
May 16th 2022 May 5th 2022
July 15th 2022 July 6th 2022
September 2022
November 2022
In accordance with the research profile of a university of technology, the Ethics Commission at TU Darmstadt has a broad interdisciplinary basis. To ensure that the Ethics Commission can work transparently and with responsibility for the entire university, all status groups are represented on the board. The members are nominated in consultation with the status groups and approved by the Senate.
Members Deputies
Professorin Petra Gehring (FB 2)
Professor Ulrich Brinkmann (FB 2)
Professor Matthias Hollick (FB 20)
Professor Josef Wiemeyer (FB 3)

Professor Wolfgang Ellermeier (FB 3)
Professorin Susanne Lackner (FB 13)
Moritz Stockmar (FB 2)
Geeske Kemper (FB 20)

Lisa Morath (FB 3)
Academic Staff
Dr. Thomas Trebing (FB 5)

Dr. Arnulf Kletzin (FB 10)
Administrative & technical staff
Karl Ulrich Saß (FB 18)

Mathias Knödler (HRZ)
Mareike Egnolff (FB 1)
Claudia Galleguillos Pacheco (Dez. VI)

Gerhard Schmitt (Dez. II)