Senate of Technical University of Darmstadt

The Senate of Technical University of Darmstadt advises the Executive Board on fundamental issues of structure, development and construction planning, budget, research, teaching and studies, early career researchers, information management and quality management. It supervises the management of the Executive Board.

According to the basic rules of Technical University of Darmstadt, the Senate consists of 20 members and the President as chair. Permanent, but non-voting members of the Senate are the Deans of the departments, the members of the Executive Board, the Gender Equality Officer of Technical University of Darmstadt, the chairpersons of the Students' Union (Executive Committee) and the Staff Council, the representative for the severely disabled employees and also two representatives of the Student Representative Conference.


  • The President, Prof Dr Tanja Brühl


  • Prof Dr Stefan Ulbrich
  • Prof Dr-Ing Jutta Hanson
  • Prof Dr Harald Kolmar
  • Prof Dr Norbert Pietralla
  • Prof Dr Andrea Rapp
  • Prof Dr-Ing Stephan Rinderknecht
  • Prof Stefan Roth, PhD
  • Prof Dr-Ing Uwe Rüppel
  • Prof Dr Nina Janich
  • Prof Dr-Ing Josef Wiemeyer

Academic staff

  • Imke Sophie Rehm
  • Dr-Ing Kaja Boxheimer
  • Dr Matthias Homann


  • Svenja Kernig
  • Moritz Stockmar ( )
  • Karl Wolff ( )
  • Leander Karls ( )

Administrative and technical staff

  • Dr Mônica Holtz
  • Dr Markus Domschke
  • Annette Zütphen

The term of the members of the Senate is two years, that of the student members one year. The current term started on 3 November 2021, that of the student members on 2 November 2022.

Meeting dates of the Senate in 2023
Meeting Submission of agenda items to by
8 February 2023 12 January 2023
29 March 2023 2 March 2023
24 Mai 2023 27 April 2023
12 July 2023 15 June 2023
22 September 2023* 24 August 2023
15 November 2023 19 October 2023
20 December 2023 23 November 2023
* (also: joint meeting with the University Council)
Submission of appointment committee reports
Please submit your appointment committee reports directly to the Unit IA University Strategy. Different deadlines apply.

Senate Committees

The Senate may establish committees to prepare Senate decisions. Currently there are two committees:

Senate working group

The Senate may establish working groups to prepare Senate decisions. Currently there are the following senate working groups: