Senate’s working group system re-accreditation

A Senate’s working group, which accompanies the system re-accreditation of the TU Darmstadt, was established in the Senate meeting on 17 February, 2021.

The tasks of the Senate’s working group system re-accreditation include the support of the further development of the integrated quality management of the TU Darmstadt relevant for the system re-accreditation, as well as the monitoring of the preparation of the self-report.


  • President, Dr. Tanja Brühl


  • Dr. Petra Gehring
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Hochberger
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Walter
  • Prof. Stefan Schäfer

Scientific Staff

  • Dr.-Ing. Kaja Boxheimer
  • Dr. Meinrad von Engelberg


  • Tobias Kratz
  • Sophie Weichert
  • Vertretung: Franziska Chuleck

Administrative-technical staff

  • Dr. Mônica Holtz
  • Zoé Zimmermann

The members of the working group were appointed by the groups of the Senate (according to § 40 WahlO).