IT Working Group mA

IT- Working Group of main Administration (mA)


Tasks and goals

Which goals are being pursued by the IT- Working Group?

  • The aim of the working group is to create a communication network in which administrative processes can be reviewed together and recommendations for actions can be derived as a result.
  • The aim is to create an environment that makes it possible to express wishes for improvement in IT- services of the HRZ.
  • Each member should be sufficiently informed about the IT requirements in order to be able to evaluate and vote on those requirements.
  • As an essential component of the requirements management process, the IT-Working Group promotes its further development proactively. Even though the focus is primarily on the requirements process, the IT- Working Group is also available to advise on the realisation of projects.
  • The IT- Working Group also makes it possible to establish uniform conventions and to integrate both project and process management into the administrative structure of the TU Darmstadt.

Which tasks need to be done, in order to achieve these goals?

  • The IT- and process coordination and the members of the IT- Working Group need to exchange information on current requirements and pass on their gained knowledge internally.
  • Innovative ideas need to be exchanged.
  • The requirements need to be examined together with regard to their relevance on a strategic and operational level and prioritized according to their importance and urgency.
  • Current IT requirements need to be jointly agreed upon.
  • The status of current projects needs to be reported regularly. If there are any problems with projects, they are escalated in the IT-Working Group if necessary.
  • Proposals for conventions and uniform standards for project and process management need to be developed. Once established, the use of these conventions and standards need to be assured.