Unit Quality Management
  Name Working area(s) Contact
M.A. Michelle Mallwitz
Head of unit (part-time)
Overall responsibility for the implementation and further development of integrated quality management, Project management system reaccreditation
+49 6151 16-20535
S1|01 503
Isabel Kothe
team assistant
office management, meeting organisation, staff and finance, organisation of the institutional evaluation, Public relations
+49 6151 16-20536
S1|01 504
Dr. Miglena Amirpur
Advisor (Part-Time: Mo.-Thu.)
Insitutional evaluation incl. monitoring: Department 2, 11 (Mat.Science), University Sports Center, Participation in projects: Unite! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering),Task Force "Quality Management"
+49 6151 16-20537
S1|01 504
M.A. Carola Dubsky
advisor (Part-Time Mo.-Fr.)
Institutional evaluation incl. monitoring: Departments 1, 3, 4,10, 20, HRZ, University and State Library, central administration, deputy head of unit
+49 6151 16-20540
S1|01 501
Dr. Evelyn Preuß-Hassler
Advisor (Part-Time Mo.-Fr.)
Insitutional evaluation incl. monitoring: Department 5, 11 (Geo), Academic bridging courses, Coordination of the Quality Management Advisory Board , project-team system reaccreditation
+49 6151 16-20625
S1|01 502
Dipl.-Soz. Sascha Strack
Institutional evaluation incl. monitoring: Department 13, 16, HDA, project coodination system reaccreditation , deputy head of unit
+49 6151 16-20542
S1|01 502
Dipl.-Soz.wiss. Gaby Wunderlich
Advisor (Part-Time: Mo.-Fri.)
Institutional evaluation incl. monitoring: Language Resource Centre, Project management SharePoint in the central administration
+49 6151 16-20538
S1|01 501
Student Assistants
Marie-Christin Bernhard
S1|01 706
Selin Önal
S1|01 706