We have developed standards and tools for the employees of TU Darmstadt. Corresponding material for own use can be used independently by managers and employees at any time.

There is no second chance for a first impression. A successful start in a new workplace is important and paves the way for effective teamwork and good work results. This Checklist (opens in new tab) form is intended to support managers and onboarding staff in welcoming and integrating new employees, both on-site and virtually. You will find many tips for the different phases of the onboarding process.

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From now on, another tool for managers is available at the TU Darmstadt: Reflection Guide – Learning from experience, actively shaping the future.

The Reflection Guide supports managers in reflecting on the past year (or any other period) with their team in a structured way. The workshop format is intended to help understand and perceive changes in a more concrete way and thus also to shape them proactively. The Reflection Guide furthermore provides a platform where people can meet and contact each other, thereby strengthening the cohesion within the team.

To implement the workshop format, the manager is supported in the use of the Reflection Guide by a recommended procedure and a schedule. The steps and formulations suggested in the manual can of course be adapted to the situation in one's own area and to one's personal communication style. The format can additionally also be used for other occasions. It generally serves as a structured reflection and review within the meaning of a retrospective.

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Do you still have questions about the Reflection Guide?

You are welcome to take advantage of our advisory service on the use of the Reflection Guide. Simply make a personal appointment.

This toolbox can be used to work with different types of conversations that can arise in everyday working life, the so-called leadership conversations. What is special about this instrument is that it can be used by managers as well as employees, for example for annual appraisals, development reviews, return meetings or farewell interviews, as well as for conversations in difficult situations. The toolbox is easy to use and requires little prior knowledge or preparation. It consists of a brochure on how to use the tool as well as a set of questions, allowing for very intuitive and flexible work. The cards with systemic questions can also be used for various purposes, such as

  • preparing for a variety of conversations in the work context,
  • uncovering resources (in the sense of skills, competences, potentials, etc.) in the team or in individuals,
  • getting ideas on how to further develop the team's cooperation,
  • learning from successful solution processes,
  • learning the technique of solution-focused questioning in order to become more efficient.

Anyone who would like to try out working with the toolbox for leadership conversations for themselves and receive their own copy can contact Human Resources and Organisational Development () and order a toolbox or obtain the brochure on the toolbox in German and English versions as a PDF here.

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Safeguarding Results Toolbox
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Do you still have questions about the Toolbox for Leadership Conversations?

You are welcome to take advantage of our advisory service on the use of the toolbox. Simply make a personal appointment.