Certificates of the TU Darmstadt

The TU Darmstadt is certified as a family-friendly university and is active in various networks that aim to arrange family and career/studies.

Certificate “Familiengerechte Hochschule”

In June 2021 TU Darmstadt underwent the auditing process for the sixth time to become a family-friendly university. The berufundfamilie Service GmbH reviews the studying and working conditions with regard to a good compatibility of scientific career or studies and family.

The Executive Board of the TU Darmstadt commited itself to the action program Handlungsprogramm (opens in new tab) (German) for the coming three years.

Charter: Best Practice Club “Familie in der Hochschule”

In 2014, TU Darmstadt joined the best practice club “Familie in der Hochschule”. The Best Practice Club is an association of more than 100 universities nationwide that have committed to family-friendly university policies and practices. In March 2018, the club founded the “Family in Higher Education” association. TU Darmstadt is a founding member.

Charter „Familie in der Hochschule“ (opens in new tab) (German)

Charter for compatibility of care and work- a Hessian initiative

On the left Minister Grüttner, on the right Mr. Weisenseel
On the left Minister Grüttner, on the right Mr. Weisenseel

The TU Darmstadt sets new signs within the framework of the family-friendly university with its offers for the compatibility of care and work. On September 20, 2017, Mr. Weisenseel, representative of the Chancellor, accepted the charter “Compatibility of Work and Care” on behalf of TU Darmstadt from Minister Grüttner, Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration. With this, the university commits itself to support its employees with dependents in need of care in coping with the compatibility.