Family-friendly Campus / Parent-and-Child Rooms

On campus Stadtmitte, Lichtwiese and Botanischer Garten you can find parent-and-child rooms that can be used by parents with their children at any time. They are equipped with changing facilities and provide room for breast-feeding as well as a play-area. You can work or study there or meet with other parents. Also, the short term child care usually takes place there.

Family-Friendly Campus:

The parent-and-child rooms as well as child care facilities, baby-changing facilities and nursing rooms for breastfeeding can be found listed as PDF – document or by using the Campus-Navi.

Campus City Centre

Mensa City Centre – Parent-Child-Room

S1|11, 1. floor on the right

Open hours: Mo-Fr, 7:30am – 7 pm

Campus Lichtwiese

Mensa Lichtwiese – Parent-Child-Room

L4|01, Ground Floor

Opening hours: Mo-Fr, 7:30 am – 8 pm

Architects building – Parent-Child-Room

L3|01, ground floor, more info

Campus Botanical Garden

Mobi-Office – Parent-Child-Room

B1 08, ground floor

Opening hours: Mo-Fr, 7:30 am – 6:30 pm