Childcare at the TU Darmstadt

The TU Darmstadt has implemented several options for a comprehensive range of childcare that meets the different needs of students and employees in their everyday university life. During the school holidays, at meetings and congresses or during examination phases, the TU Darmstadt offers forms of childcare that are suitable for every schedule. The Family Service offers all employees, scientists and students advice on the various childcare facilities in the city and district.

TU Kinderhäuser

The TU Darmstadt offers 110 places for children from 1 to 6 years old in two daycare centers close to the university (TU Kinderhäuser). The pedagogical sponsorship is in the hands of educcare Bildungskindertagesstätten gGmbH, a sponsor that emphasizes the individual development of the children and offers bilingual care in German and English.

The allocation of the places in the TU Kinderhäuser follows guidelines (opens in new tab), which were decided by an advisory board for the TU Kinderhäuser. The places are primarily available to parents who are studying, working or gaining academic qualifications at TU Darmstadt (including scholarship holders). Children from the urban environment and other residential communities can be admitted.

  • Step 1 – Parent Portal of the City of Science Darmstadt
    The first step in registering your child is via the Childcare Portal Darmstadt. Enter your desired Kinderhaus or both TU Kinderhäuser in first or second priority. The portal confirms your registration and sends you a code. With this code please contact the manager of the TU Kinderhaus, which you have entered as first priority.
  • Step 2 – Parent information events at the TU Kinderhäuser
    The TU Kinderhäuser organise information events for parents regularly, at which the educational concept of educcare and the TU Kinderhaus of your choice will be presented. At the information event, which always takes place on the first Wednesday of a month between 3:15 pm & 5:15 pm, the binding completion of registration takes place.

    Please note: Registration in the Childcare Portal Darmstadt alone is not sufficient. Without attending a parent information event, you cannot be considered for the allocation of places. No additional invites are being sent out for those events.
  • Step 3 – Registration form
    When attending the event, you will fill out a registration form which provides information about your contact details and affiliation with the TU Darmstadt. The data collection is subject to the provisions of the General Data Protection Act and will be stored exclusively for the registration process. This concludes the registration process for you.
  • Step 4 – Further procedure for the allocation of places
    The TU Kinderhäuser managers place the interested families on a waiting list according to the allocation guidelines (Vergaberechtslinien). Once per quarter the TU Kinderhaus managers discuss the waiting lists with representatives of the TU Darmstadt and decide together which family will receive a place. Commitments made by the Executive Board in the context of professorial appointment interviews are treated with priority.

TU Kinderhaus Stadtmitte provides daycare for 22 children aged 1-3 years and for 44 children aged 3-6 years.

The places are primarily available to parents who work or study at TU Darmstadt. Children living in communities outside of Darmstadt can be accepted.

Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 07:30 – 17:30

Pedagogical Carrier: Educcare Kinderbildungstagesstätten gGmbH

Manager Kinderhaus Stadtmitte: Marina Swiatek, +49 (0) 6151 – 396 33 40

Address: Magdalenenstraße 25, 64289 Darmstadt

TU Kinderhaus Lichtwiese provides daycare for 44 children aged 1-3 years in four groups.

The places are primarily available to parents who work or study at TU Darmstadt. Children living in communities outside of Darmstadt can be accepted.

Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 07:30 – 17:30

Pedagogical Carrier: Educcare Kinderbildungstagesstätten gGmbH

Manager Kinderhaus Stadtmitte: Onan Liebschner, +49 (0) 6151 – 15 983 393

Address: El-Lissitzky-Strasse 7, 64287 Darmstadt

uniKITA is oraganised as a parent's initiative day care centre and runs four nursery groups for children from 1-3 years (on Campus Lichtwiese and in the Martinsviertel), as well as two outdoor kindergarten groups on Campus Lichtwiese.

As a parent's iniative all families help and contribute to the success of the respective group. Also the administration (executive board, finances, personnel, public relations, group work etc.) of uniKITA is organised on a voluntary basis by the parents.

Pedagogical Care: certified pedagogical staff employed

Age group:1-3 years in the nursery groups

3-6 years in the outdoor kindergarten groups

Opening times: Nursery: Mo-Fr 07:30/08:00 – 16:00

Outdoor kindergarten: Mo-Fr 08:00 – 16:00

Address: El-Lissitzky-Str. 5 64287 Darmstadt (German)


Bettina Scholz,

Tel: 06151-16-6109

office hours: Mi. 10.00-13.00

Parents can find an overview of all child care facilities in Darmstadt as well as the central online application on the website Childcare Portal Darmstadt.

All addresses, contact persons and phone numbers of nurseries, kindergartens and nursery in Darmstadt are listed here.

In case of questions regarding the allocation of places in the childcare facilities please refer to the Jugendamt of the city of Darmstadt, department childcare (Kinderbetreuung).

06151/ 13 – 2469

The childminder-service (Tageselternvermittlung) for Darmstadt and the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg helps to find childminders and nannies. 06151/ 9512525;

Information and contacts for families in Darmstadt help with organising the daily family life and the reconcilability of family and working life:

If child care is needed in the late afternoon because of exams scheduled at that time or if the childminder is absent, TU Darmstadt offers its students and employees Ad-hoc-Child Care, which is free of charge for members of TU.

Ad-hoc-Child Care at Fluggis-Abenteuer-Land

Fluggis-Abenteuer-Land is a joint facility of Lokales Bündnis für Familie, which provides all-day child care by qualified staff for children aged 1 till 12 years.. TU employees or students contact the facility directly to specify their child care needs.

More information: Fluggis-Abenteuer-Land (opens in new tab)

Holidayprogram at Fluggis-Abenteuer-Land Darmstadt

Fluggis-Abenteuer-Land offers various activities for children from the age 6 during all school holidays. The offers can be booked by day.

  • For the easter holidays 2022 a program (opens in new tab) with numerous trips is planned.
  • Registration: Daily from 9 am to 4 pm by calling 06151 780 5305 Please register your child early due to high demand.

“Active Holidays 2022” Holiday camps and games in Darmstadt

  • At the beginning of each year, the City of Science Darmstadt publishes a brochure (opens in new tab) with all childcare offers for children during school holidays.

Autumn Holiday Camp at TU Darmstadt

In the autumn holidays the Family Service organizes its own holiday camp for children of TU members from the age of 6 years.

Information and application: