Child Care

Child Care at TU Darmstadt

A reliable and suitable child care is particularly important to help organising family and working life. TU Darmstadt supports students and employees with their own provision of child care that meets the parents' time requirements.

For the regular child care TU Darmstadt offers two day care centres on campus.There are guidelines for the allocation of places in both day care centres. The monthly parental contributions depend on the period of day care and are defined by the carrier in consultation with the city of Darmstadt.

Pedagogical carrier is educcare, putting a great emphasis on the individual development of each child and offering a bilingual concept (German/English).

Kinderhaus Stadtmitte

TU Kinderhaus Lichtwiese

Elterninitiative uniKITA Darmstadt e.V.

Offers in Darmstadt

Apart from the regular day care flexible child care is also required. During the holidays, at meetings and conferences as well as in case of individual need for emergency child care TU Darmstadt offers various possible solutions.

Child Care in Exceptional Cases at TU Darmstadt

Holiday Camps for Children