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Finished projects

As part of the project “Increasing the efficiency of institutional evaluation, especially in the field of study and teaching”, the central processes of integrated quality management at the TU Darmstadt – institutional evaluation and study program development – were systematically revised in a participatory process and mapped with the help of the newly introduced process management software Signavio. In the process

  • the aforementioned processes were even better coordinated with each other
  • the interfaces between the involved actors of the central administration, the departments and the presidium were optimized,
  • the transparency and binding nature of the processes were increased,
  • Preparatory work for the system reaccreditation of the TU Darmstadt was created.

The project results are related to the overarching introduction of professional process management in the central administration of the TU Darmstadt and contribute to the further professionalization and digitization of the central administrative processes.

The project was divided into three project phases:

  • Phase 1: The first project phase served to systematically reflect on and analyze the existing processes with the participation of various stakeholders at the TU Darmstadt and concluded with a further development of the content of the current integrated quality management of the TU Darmstadt.
  • Phase 2: In the second project phase, the process management software Signavio was introduced. The processes and sub-processes of the institutional evaluation and the study program development were modeled and coordinated in Signavio in an iterative process.
  • Phase 3: In the third project phase, the further developed and modeled processes were transferred to the practical application. In addition, a training concept for study program development, especially for new committee members, was developed and implemented.

The project was led by the Quality Management Unit (project management) and the Study Programs and Quality Assurance Unit (deputy project management).

The preparation and implementation of the system accreditation at TU Darmstadt was supported by project funding from central QSL funds and by HMWK, as part of the Study Structure Program (SSP).

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The project was funded from central QSL funds of the TU Darmstadt (duration: 01.10.2012 – 30.09.2014; cost-neutral postponement until winter semester 2015/16).

The QSL project “Surveys – Potentials for Quality Assurance” was successfully completed in winter semester 2015/16 after two years of work. The aim of the project was to increase the quality of surveys, which are carried out regularly at TU Darmstadt for quality assurance in the field of study and teaching and to integrate them even more effectively and systematically into integrated quality management in the future as an instrument for the quality assurance of studies and teaching.

Beyond the duration of the project, the results of the project will be used for further developments in this area. For example, they formed the basis for the establishment of a coordination office for surveys in the field of study and teaching and for the conception and implementation of the first general TU Darmstadt student survey. The results were incorporated into the system accreditation.

Following the completion of the project, the subject of surveys for quality assurance accomplished by the Quality Management Unit will again be dealt by the Centre for Educational Development (HDA). There will continue to be close cooperation with the Quality Management Unit, the Study Programmes and Quality Assurance Unit and the scientific departments. Further information can be found on the HDA website.