System Accreditation

In March 2024, the TU Darmstadt received the system re-accreditation (first system accreditation in 2017). The Accreditation Council thus repeatedly confirmed to TU Darmstadt that its integrated quality management guarantees the external and internal quality requirements for the development and further development of the degree programs. The system re-accreditation has a term of eight years (10/2023 – 09/2031).

What does system accreditation mean for TU Darmstadt?

The system accreditation allows TU Darmstadt to ensure and accredit the quality of its degree programs as part of its integrated quality management.

This eliminates the need for external program or cluster accreditations. The advantages of system accreditation are therefore obvious: the university is more independent of external agencies and assumes even more responsibility for the quality assurance of its degree programs. This strengthens its role as an autonomous university. The system accreditation confirms that TU Darmstadt is on the right track in terms of combining strategic development and quality assurance for its degree programs and closely linking the areas of research and teaching.

System reaccreditation process

The TU prepared intensively for two years for the renewed system accreditation. Under the leadership of TU President Professor Tanja Brühl and the Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Diversity, Professor Heribert Warzecha, a Senate working group worked on the further development of quality assurance. The Departments Departments IB (Quality Management) and IID (Study Programs and Quality Assurance) were responsible for project management.

External experts reviewed the quality management system and the quality culture of TU Darmstadt in two on-site visits. Based on an expert review, the Accreditation Council granted accreditation without conditions for the next eight years.