System Accreditation

Through the system accreditation carried out in 2017, the TU Darmstadt was confirmed that its integrated quality management (inQM) meets the external and internal quality requirements for the development and further improvement of the study programs.

Under the procedure of system accreditation, the entire internal quality management was audited by an external agency. With attainment of the certification, all degree programs that have undergone internal quality assurance are considered accredited. Accreditations of individual degree programs or cluster accreditations are no longer required. The advantages of system accreditation are thus obvious: the university is more independent of external agencies and takes on more responsibility for quality assurance and development. The seal of approval certifies that the university's internal quality management takes account of external quality requirements in the development and further development of study programs. At the same time, TU Darmstadt was confirmed in its approach of closely linking research and teaching in its integrated quality management.

Starting signal for re-accreditation

A system re-accreditation is necessary after a period of six years. TU Darmstadt must have completed the procedure for system re-accreditation by 30 September 2023. For this reason, preparations for the second procedure began in April 2020. The President and the Vice President, Academic Affairs and Diversity are responsible for the procedure and it is carried out under the leadership of theUnit IB – Quality Management and the Unit IID – Study Programs and Quality Assurance.

Timetable for preparation for system re-accreditation

  • Planning of system accreditation in the first half of 2020
  • Call for tenders of an accreditation agency in the second half of 2020
  • Preparation of self-evaluation report from the beginning of 2021
  • On-site visits at TU Darmstadt: First on-site visit by external reviewers probably in summer 2022, second on-site visit in fall 2022
  • Completion of the accreditation report by the agency by end 2022/beginning 2023
  • TU Darmstadt submits an application for system accreditation to the Accreditation Council in spring 2023
    (Final timetable is expected to be agreed with the Agency in early 2021.)

Involvement of the university

  • The inQM Advisory Board accompanies the procedure
  • A Senate Working Group, which accompanies the system reaccreditation of the TU Darmstadt and supports the Executive Board in an advisory capacity, was established in the Senate meeting on 17 February 2021.
  • Statement of the Senate at important milestones (e.g. self-evaluation report)
  • The University Council will be informed about the course of the proceedings

Further Information:

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