When, where and how does the electronic version need to be submitted?

Every doctoral thesis is available in electronic form, the electronic version being submitted to the deanery when the doctoral thesis is handed in (marking the beginning of the examination process, initiation of the doctoral assessment procedure).

All doctoral candidates must submit an electronic version of their thesis and append the declaration. If the thesis is published as a book (only in exceptional cases), an identical electronic version must also be submitted (Sect. 8 Para. 1b of the Doctoral Regulations). The reasoning for this is to enable the doctoral examination procedure to be conducted using the electronic version.

There is no prescribed data format for these documents. It is wise, however – and we recommend – that the electronic version also fulfils the publication requirements of the printed thesis as outlined in Sect. 19 Para. 2.

When the doctoral thesis is published in tuprints (usual scenario), a final, electronic version of the thesis will be created, which will be approved by the assessor and uploaded by the doctoral candidate. When the thesis is published as a book, six copies must be given to the university library (ULB).