Coaching service for all employees

The Department of Human Resources and Organisational Development (POE) offers various different coaching services to all employees. This includes individual coaching sessions, advice on coaching and referrals to external coaches.

Coaching is a service in which a coach accompanies individual people or teams through various different professional situations, provides them with advice and helps them to clarify their own specific situation, define new goals and also achieve these goals. The coaching sessions initially focus on the specific situation in which the person seeking advice (coachee) finds themselves and help the coachee to identify possible courses of action in the future based on their own resources and skills.

Stefan Weisenseel,
Head of Human Resources & Legal Affairs

“Coaching helps me to develop my own ideas about the available options for decisions I have to make and then to reflect on these decisions. I believe that it is an indispensable tool for the professional management of personnel. In challenging situations, in particular, coaching has been helpful when it comes to acting professionally and finding good solutions.”


  • is a process that provides the coachee with individual, temporary support in dialogue with the coach and which focuses on their occupational goals and concerns.
  • respects the person and their situation. Coaching sessions are characterised by an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • promotes personal responsibility and the personal growth of the person seeking advice.
  • focuses on the development of alternative solutions and courses for action in the future based on the available solutions and resources.
  • is strictly confidential and is not subject to any hierarchical structures.


  • work with coachees on an equal footing, provide impetus, reflect and suggest corrections.
  • do not offer any pre-packaged solutions but instead accompany the coachee in the development of a solution.
  • are impartial.
  • clarify the assignment and the framework conditions for the coaching sessions with the coachee before getting started.

You arrange an initial meeting with the Department of Human Resources and Organisational Development to discuss your coaching requirements and the main themes to be covered in the coaching sessions. This process is completely confidential, e.g. everything that is discussed is kept between you and the POE. If you decide that you want to have coaching sessions, the POE will support you with the search for a suitable coach. Furthermore, you can arrange a non-binding introductory session so that you can decide whether you want to start the coaching process together with this particular coach. The POE will support you throughout the entire process.

Quality assurance

The goals of the coaching process are defined at the beginning. They are then evaluated after the coaching sessions have been completed. You will also receive feedback at regular intervals.


You can contact the POE to reserve and use a consultation room in the old main building at TU Darmstadt (S1|03). In addition, coaching sessions can also be held via telephone or using a video conferencing tool.

Data protection and confidentiality

We comply with relevant data protection regulations. All of the coaches – as well as the staff in the Department of Human Resources and Organisational Development – have a duty to protect your confidentiality.


The costs of the coaching sessions are generally paid from the budget of your organisational unit.

TU Darmstadt offers free advice to professors and doctoral students in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Office.

Dr. Uta Zybell,
Equal Opportunities Officer

“I am delighted that we have the opportunity to fund external coaching sessions through the “Programme for Female Professors”. Female professors and researchers are provided with tailored and individual advice on their academic career.”

Do you need any further information before you can decide whether to use the coaching process or do you have any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to call us, we would be delighted to provide you with advice based on your individual needs.