Introduction of Process Management at the TU Darmstadt

In the course of the increasing digitalization of the working world and against the background of the digitalization pact of the Hessian universities, we would like to use the project "Introduction of Process Management at the TU Darmstadt" to promote designing and optimizing workflows ourselves using Process Management methods.

In every area of work, processes are used on a daily basis. With the increasing complexity of university work and the many processes across organizational boundaries, there is a great need to clearly define and streamline work processes in order to obtain noticeable work relief and high satisfaction of the (process) participants in everyday work. Process management serves to transfer knowledge beyond the company's own organizational units, creates transparency and promotes thinking in terms of process flows across hierarchical boundaries.

Process management ensures a public, transparent and generally understandable presentation of processes and supports TU employees in their daily work.

In the 2019 concept “Development Fields of Administration”, the introduction of process management was set as an important goal for central administrations. This topic is of great interest not only for the central administration, but also for the entire TU Darmstadt. With this project, we are therefore addressing not only the central administration, but also the administrations of the departments and the central institutions at the TU Darmstadt and invite them to actively practice process management themselves.

To support a functioning process management, we work at the TU Darmstadt with the software SAP Signavio, with which processes can be easily modeled and represented.

Project Goals:

  • Establish basic understanding of process management at TU Darmstadt;
  • Lay the foundations for the independent and continuous operation of process management, both in one's own area of work and across divisions;
  • Achieve multiplier effect: win new organizational units for process management and for the tool SAP Signavio.


  • Publication of a process management manual with the following components:
    • Part I: Modeling conventions of the TU Darmstadt for the process management software Signavio
    • Part II: Guidelines on “how to do” process management: How does a process cycle work, what are the roles in process management, what are the responsibilities for releasing and publishing processes?
  • Select, model and publish pilot processes at TU Darmstadt;
  • Offer and conduct training on process management and SAP Signavio;
  • Establish methods and knowledge for continuous and permanent operation of process management;
  • Implement a permanent operating concept for the SAP Signavio software.

Project Duration:

April 2022 – May 2024

Departments involved:

Project management team: IT and process coordination unit of the central administration.

Core team: Dec. I, Dec. II, Dec. IV, FB Civil and Environmental Engineering, HRZ, ULB.

Resonance team: Members from departments, central institutions and central administration.