SAP competence team

The SAP competence team bundles all SAP expertise at TU Darmstadt and ensures cross-module control of the SAP management process this way.

Many management processes need to be administered by various users. The SAP competence team plays an important role in ensuring efficient and user-friendly handling of all management processes at TU Darmstadt despite the complex and comprehensive nature of the structure of these processes.

These processes continue to develop as innovations create new benchmarks in handling them. This results in a continuous string of new operative and strategic objective within the SAP context. It is the SAP competence team that plans and coordinates actions to implement these objectives.

General information:

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Members of the SAP competence team

The competence team is led by SAP management and includes various areas and SAP roles.

Within the SAP competence team, various experts collaborate interdisciplinary.

Jour fixe meetings

The SAP competence team meets every 6 weeks for 2 hours.

In these meetings, the focus is on sharing experiences and news regarding SAP applications, projects, working groups and the CCHH (CCHH-Link hier einfügen). Still current operation topics, new topics, requirements and miscellaneous topics in an SAP environment are discussed.

Tasks and objectives

The SAP competence team is responsible for the cross-module control of SAP management processes and the planning and coordination of actions and measures required to implement the operative and strategic objectives within an SAP context.

To enable SAP operations across all SAP applications and areas, it is necessary to share information and to plan and coordinate joint strategies.

This exchange covers expert topics, issues and questions as well as requirements. This way, concepts and measures to solve and handle these issues and questions can be developed. In addition, schedules are set up to coordinate the implementation of requirements or activities. Installing annual support packages or updates are an example of such activities.

Work processes in SAP are subject to continuous development to ensure the availability of up-to-date and efficient services in future. The processes undergoing continuous development are looked at holistically and are optimised in cross-functional cooperation.

SAP concepts and standards are developed continuously to ensure satisfactory SAP operations for users and customers at TU Darmstadt alike today and tomorrow. Interested parties within the SAP competence team can participate in topic-related training sessions and workshops.

Communication between members of the SAP competence team takes place as necessary (e.g. in topic-related working groups). Exchange based on specific, technical and process-related topics between team members and the overall SAP responsible and/or SAP management takes place in regular intervals.