IT working group of zV

The IT working group of zV is a cross-departmental network that mainly addresses how to implement requirements management and is led by the Staff Unit for IT & Process Management. This working group consists of representatives of as many directorates as possible and the staff council. This ensures a two-way exchange of information and provides the necessary platform to discuss, evaluate and agree on good solutions for developing new, digitalised administrative processes.

The IT working group of zV helps channel and process the multitude of requirements systematically. To this end, it relies on the expertise of the representatives of as many directorates as possible, the HRZ, the staff council and the Staff Unit IT & Process Management. Current requirements are not only discussed, but also evaluated and agreed upon by all working group members.

The results are then used to agree on recommendations for further action. This ensures that processes can be developed efficiently across all interfaces and conventions can be standardised even though each directorate and department operates independently.

Tasks and objectives

The purpose of this working group is to provide a communication network for joint examination of administrative processes and development of recommended actions.

For a properly working joint communication network, it is necessary that all members of the network are informed about specific IT requirements. This way, they can evaluate and agree on them. This does not only require an ongoing dialogue between all working group members, but also between representatives of the departments and directorates and their respective colleagues.

objectives IT working group of zV (source: Florian Muth)
objectives IT working group of zV (source: Florian Muth)

As an integral part of the requirements management process, the IT working group also drives its evolution proactively. Even though the focus is primarily on the requirement process itself, the IT working group also assists in the implementation of projects. The zV working group also aims at establishing uniform conventions and integrating project and process management in the administrative structures of TU Darmstadt.


The IT working group of zV consists of

  • the Head of the Staff Unit IT & Process Management and
  • the representatives of as many directorates, staff units and the staff council as possible.

The IT Customer Service of the HRZ usually participates as a guest whenever the IT working group meets.

For internal use by staff and employees: Table with names, email addresses and organisation of all working group members.

Communication and documentation

Communication primarily takes place during the meetings and via a shared directory structure. Participation is possible for IT & Process Management, the working group members, the heads of the directorates and staff units, the Vice President for Administration and Financial Affairs and additional working groups and administrative bodies.

What kinds of information can be shared?

  • Minutes
  • Information about projects
  • OneNote notes of meetings

For publicly accessible information, please check our website. We will be happy to assist you. You may still send your questions or concerns directly to specific group members.

Important dates

Working group members usually meet every fourth Wednesday of a month. These meetings are moderated by IT & Process Management and usually take about 2 hours.

For more information, please contact: